The Technical and Mental Training Specialist

Your child will transform into the go-to player on the field. 

We train serious players who want serious results.

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Our coaching philosophy and mission

Coach Ben mentors his students to become champions on the field and in the classroom through his three step formula.

1. Set and Achieve Season Goals

We teach players how to to take complete self-responsibility for their success and failure on and off the field.

2. Master the Basic and Advanced Skills

Through training with game-like drills and repetition, your child will discover how to master all of the technical skills.

3. Unlock Unlimited Confidence

Our goal is to help your child TRANSFORM their self-confidence,  have fun and play soccer with ease.

Current Programs:

*Our program accepts 24 players per year into our weekly group program*

Group Sessions

For youth players (12-18 years old) who seek to train in a competitive group environment (on a weekly routine/schedule

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Ball Mastery Clinics

Players will improve control, the first touch and decision making skills. The dates and times are announced our our newsletter each month.

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"“We flew all the way from Utah just to Texas to train with Coach Nabers for 2 days. My son is on the ODP REGIONAL TEAM and needed that extra push for the next level and we look forward to continuing training at Nabers Soccer Academy in the future." - Janis Horman"

Janis Horman

"Coach Ben is not only an amazing coach but he is also an incredible mentor. He has true talent for soccer and for relating to players of all ages. His passion and love for what he does is apparent in every training session and conversation. In addition, he is completely invested in the success and growth (as a soccer player) of your child. I highly recommend his program for any child who is truly dedicated to the sport and committed to improving his/her soccer skills!" "

Christiane Elenes

"Ben prepared me for the college game. Through his training and mentorship, I got a full college scholarship! I can say without a doubt that if it weren't for training with Coach Ben, this would not be possible. He pushed me to a completely different level in the matter of 12 weeks. I highly recommend his program to any level player who is looking to improve in the game of soccer" - Brendan Langford"

Brendan Langford

What are the next steps?

Simply follow the steps below.

1. Apply for our program

Tap the green button below to begin the application process.

From there you will be given access to a 10-15 minute video that will show you how our training program works before we speak over the phone.

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2. Schedule a consultation call with Ben Nabers

After you finish the video that shows our our program works, we will coordinate a scheduled consultation call together so we can learn more about your child to see if we are a good fit to help.

3. Schedule an Evaluation Session

Here is where we identify exactly where your child is at (what they need help with, what their goals are, and how serious they are about improving)

4. Enroll and Join our Program!

If we mutually agree that our program will benefit your child, you will have the choice to commit to our program for either 6 months or 12 months.


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